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Are you...

  • Struggling to "get on top" of your diabetes?

  • Planning a pregnancy with diabetes?

  • Do you wish you could lose 10kg, even though you are on insulin?

  • Training for a marathon and wish you could get your diabetes and your fitness in top form?

  • Tired of a waiting list?

  • Struggling with Coeliac and diabetes?... ​​




A true story

Six years ago a successful and very well known business person attended GPSI Diabetes. He had just been to see his GP and had been told that his diabetes was "not doing well". He was a busy man - meetings to run, dinners to attend, networking a high priority. Diabetes just seemed to get in the way. He took his medication as instructed and attended doctors appointments - which seemed to be occuring with increasing frequency - but the outcome was  always the same. His diabetes "was not doing well"

After 4 visits with GPSI Diabetes, he has never looked back. Empowered with the skills to monitor his own diabetes and with the knowledge of how to escalate his own medical management, this gentleman has his diabetes under excellent control with no change in his busy schedule of work, meetings, and regular dinners.

Change your life in 4 weeks!


​Let us help you change your life in just 4 weeks, in this time you will:

  • Have control of your blood sugar levels.​

  • Understand the unique physiology underlying your diabetes.

  • Understand all available treatment options.

  • Be able to choose the treatment option that will best match you or your life style.

  • Be empowered with the knowledge and tools to provide ongoing self-management that will ensure
    sustained diabetes control for years.

  at GPSI Diabetes we can help you!

Plus Size Models

Insulin pumps


An insulin pump is a small computer programmed to deliver insulin so that it mimics a normally functioning pancreas allowing it's wearer to lead a normal and flexible lifestyle. It is a small device, a little larger than a pager that is worn outside the body, often on a belt or in a pocket.

Would you like to know more about insulin pumps?

Is this the right course of treatment for you ?

Do you qualify for a Government funded pump? 

While insulin pumps are the gold standard of care for type 1 diabetes, they are not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Dr Janet  has more than 25 years experience with insulin pumps for the management of diabetes.

Let her help you decide if this is a good management choice for you.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems


Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMS) can be used with  or without an insulin pump. They are worn 24 hours a day, automatically checking blood sugars at regular and frequent intervals and relaying the information to a monitor such as a watch, cell-phone or the screen on the insulin pump. It has the benefit of being able to alarm the wearer (or parent) of high or low blood sugars. More recently, information relayed from the CGM can be used by the insulin pump (without the wearers interaction) to adjust levels of insulin delivery.

Would you like to know more about CGMS?

Would your diabetes management benefit from CGMS?

While CGMS have been around for many years, they are not funded and are not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Dr Janet  has more than 25 years of experience with using CGMS in the management of diabetes. Let her help you decide if this would be a beneficial addition to your diabetes management.

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