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Does GPSI DIabetes take care of my type of diabetes?

GPSI Diabetes takes care of people with any type of diabetes - whether it it type 1, type 2 or any of the more rare ones such as monogenic.


Does GPSI Diabetes take care of children - or just adults?

Absolutely! GPSI Diabetes offers the same patient centered approach to people of all ages with diabetes.


Of course, managing a child with diabetes adds many dimensions to what taking care of diabetes actually involves. So, if you have a child with diabetes click HERE to visit the children's page and find out more about what we offer to families who have a child with diabetes.

How many appointments do you recommend?

This is a difficult question to answer. The number partly depends on the type of diabetes you (or your child) has, how much understanding and knowledge you already have and what it is that you would like to gain from your visits. If you were really trying to pin me down, I would say that the minimum number of visits would be two - but, to ensure that you are truly empowered to provide you own self-management for years to come and get the outcomes that you are looking for, I would recommend planning on three to four visits.

Of course, you can have as many visits as you wish. To keep this affordable, many people opt for our Continuity Care Plan (see below)

How long are each of the appointments?

In general, each appointment is an hour. Although this can vary depending on individual needs. For example, if a person lives out of town we may schedule extended appointments to reduce the number of visits needed - or we may schedule appointments in quick succession over a weekend. Increasingly we are opting for virtual appointments for clients - particularly for those who would need to travel long-distances to see us.

Do I need a referral to book an appointment?

A referral is not necessary. However, unless you indicate otherwise, we believe in keeping your GP informed of any changes that have been made to your diabetes management. Following your visit, a letter is sent to your GP summarising all that has been covered in the appointment and any changes that have been made to your medical management. GPSI Diabetes is very keen to be a team player in your care so in this letter we make it very clear to the GP that we are happy to receive any calls should he/she have  questions about the management choices you have made. 

What is a Continuous Care Plan?

Following the usual 2 - 4 introductory visits, many choose to have GPSI Diabetes provide continuity care/on-going support for their diabetes self-management. A Continuity Care Plan provides you with regular visits throughout the year so that you can continue to recieve education, support, updates on new technology or medications, as well as have access to a 24 hour on-call service for emergencies. 

What are the benefits of a Continuous Care Plan?

A Continuous Care Plan provides a number of benefits

  • Diabetes is a progressive or changing disease so that management continually needs a tuneup. This may mean the need for new knowledge, new skills, new medication or all of these. Regular visits means you can keep your self-management skills up to speed with your needs.

  • Regular visits ensure that progression in diabetes is managed proactively rather than retrospectively when things are already out of control.

  • The diabetes world is a rapidly changing one. New knowledge and new management options are being introduced every day. By having regular visits you will be able to stay abreast of all the new developments.

  • Everyone has those times in life when things just don't go right - with the Continuity Care Plan you can request additional visits at no extra cost, to help sort out your diabetes in these frustrating moments.

  • The Continuity Care Plan also provides you with a 24 hour on-call service for managing sick days, equipment malfunctions, emergency script refills etc

If I sign up for the Continous Care how many appointments can I have per year?

The Continuous Care Plan provides you with a minimum of 4 visits a year. However, more appointments (at no additional cost) can be scheduled for those times when things are not going well and some extra help and support is needed.

If I have signed up for continuous care can I get all my medications and prescriptions from you?

We are happy to prescribe your diabetes medications and supplies. However, we encourage you to see your GP for medications that are not diabetes related.

Is my GP involved in my care?

GPSI Diabetes believes it is extremely important that your GP remain involved in your diabetes care. After all appointments at GPSI Diabetes a letter is sent to your GP summarising all that has been covered in the appointments along with any changes to medical management that have been made. In this letter we also make it very clear to the GP that we welcome any contact from them should there be any questions about the management choices that you have made.


How often do I need to see my own GP if I have started continuous care with you?

Your GP is responsible for all of your health - of which your diabetes is only a part. He/she plays a major role in preventative care measures (e.g. immunisations and flu shots), manages your cardiovascular risk and ensures that you are up to date with any necessary screening visits associated with diabetes (e.g. retinal screening). GPSI Diabetes encourages you to attend any scheduled visits with your GP.

Can GPSI Diabetes assist with getting a funded insulin pump?

Absolutely. Further more, Dr Janet is a certified insulin pump trainer with over 25 years experience in managing insulin pumps. She also has almost as many years of experience with Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems - and is particularly skilled in teaching patients how to read/interpret downloaded data from Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems.

After pump training, do I have to see the hospital diabetes clinic or can I just keep seeing GPSI Diabetes?

In order to continue to receive funded supplies for your pump, you do need to be seen by a diabetes speciality service. This can either be the hospital diabetes service or GPSI Diabetes.

Do you offer Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Absolutely. Dr Janet has close to 20 years of experience using continuous glucose monitoring systems. GPSI Diabetes owns several Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems for customer use when seeking more information for tighter diabetes control. Alternatively, if you are contemplating purchasing a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for personal use, we would be happy to provide advise around your purchase - as well as teach you how to constructively interpret the information downloaded from your Continuous Monitoring System.

Do you offer diabetes care during pregnancy?

Having practiced obstetrics for over 10 years delivering many babies both in the United States and in New Zealand, Dr very experienced with supporting people with diabetes through pregnancy. Indeed, while in the United States she was responsible for providing consultant services on the management of diabetes in pregnancy.

Insulin needs change dramatically throughout pregnancy. So to proactively manage the rapidly changing insulin needs, we schedule visits monthly,  increasing to fortnightly in the third trimester and finally to weekly visits during the last month.

Do you offer diabetes care for athletes? 

Dr Janet has been involved in assisting a number of athletes with diabetes who participate in sport or who are preparing for a sporting event. Prior to completing her medical training, Dr Janet actually completed her undergraduate degree at the School of Physical Education (University of Otago), and completed a Masters in Physiotherapy (Thomas Jeffferson Universtiy, Philadelphia). Dr Janet was a US Squash champion (many years ago!), continues  to be an enthusiastic participant in many sports and outdoor activities so she is especially passionate about helping people with diabetes participate at what ever level they are striving for.

Do you offer food, nutrition and dietary advice?

Management of foods, weight and exercise goes hand in hand with managing diabetes. We have extensive knowledge and training around nutrition with a particular focus on how different foods affect blood sugars differently, weight loss management and teaching the skills of insulin management around special dietary requirements such as coeliac or high level sports training.

Do you offer carbohydrate counting advice?

Absolutely. Managing blood sugars is not just around carb counting either, it is also about understanding how different foods raise blood sugars differently so that you can get a good match between what your insulin is doing and what your foods are doing.

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