Patient Centered Care

What is Patient Centered Care?   Patient centered care is care that is responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values.


With regard to diabetes, this approach ensures that each patient is fully informed with regard to every aspect of their diabetes and all the management options available so  they can guide and direct all decisions for their diabetes management. In other words, providing patient centered care ensures your diabetes management is tailored to your life and your diabetes. Indeed, as providers of patient centered care we consider you, the person with diabetes, to be the expert when it comes to knowing what the best options are for your self-management. Our role as provider is to ensure  each person with diabetes is empowered with the knowledge necessary to make well informed decisions.


Dr Janet introduced this cutting edge approach to New Zealand over 15 years ago when she opened GPSI Diabetes in Hawkes Bay. Due to growing patient demand, GPSI Diabetes now sees patients from all over New Zealand either through virtual consultations or at either of our two clinics (Hawkes Bay or Auckland).

GPSI Diabetes is the only diabetes service in New Zealand to offer this truly patient centered approach to diabetes care.

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How does it work? We are not here to tell you (or your child) what to do, what to eat or when to exercise. Instead we will inform you about the unique pathologies contributing to your diabetes, how these affect you and about what choices you can make so that YOU can be in control of every aspect of it.

What does this mean to you? You (or your child) are not just a number. You will be working with the GPSI Diabetes team to gain a full understanding of your diabetes, to choose your best course of action for self-management. Furthermore, you will gain all the knowledge and understanding  you will need to continue to independently modify and manage your diabetes long after you have finished your visits with GPSI Diabetes.

How will this affect your diabetes? At GPSI Diabetes we care about whether our efforts (and yours) actually do make a difference. So over the past 10 years we have been closely following  how well our patients do. The analyses from this data show that we can guarantee an almost 100% success rate when it comes to reducing both immediate and long term blood sugars.  

For those of you who are into numbers, the  data analysis has demonstrated that anyone with type 2 diabetes who has attended GPSI Diabetes will experience an average reduction in HbA1c of 20 mmol/mol while a person with type 1 diabetes will experience an average reduction in HbA1c of 15 mmol/mol. These results have been replicated over and over again, are the same regardless of the ethnicity of the patient and have been published in the New Zealand Journal of Primary Health Care. 

Let us show you how you can fit diabetes management into your life

and not have diabetes rule your life!