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Managing diabetes and weight loss

BN is a 24 year old with very well controlled type 1 diabetes. Her biggest frustration has been the amount of weight that she has gained since her diagnosis – and this is despite the fact that she goes to the gym every day, rides a bike to work and generally considers herself to be a ‘healthy” eater.

With all of this activity, she manages her sugars by eating frequent meals, and always has a snack before she goes to the gym as she has a tendency to “bottom out”. At the GPSI Service, BN was taught how to manipulate her insulin doses to accommodate her activity levels removing the need for constant snacking to prevent her blood sugars from dropping – and eliminating her hypoglycaemic episodes, again reducing the number of times she has to snack to bring sugars up.

Now, 6 months after attending the service, BN continues to have excellent diabetes control - but is 4 kg lighter, well on her way to her target weight loss of 10 kg.

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